HowTo and FAQ

In this section we would like to show you how to use the app and answer some frequently asked question (FAQ).



How can I search for new products?

How can I add an item (wish) to my list?

From browser
You can use your browser to search for things you like. When you have found an item, you can safe it in the app by tipping the more button (imore) in the top right corner of the browser; check or edit the destined list, price, image etc. and tip “add”.
In-App Search
You can use the in-app search to find items you like. Go for this to the home screen (ihome) and type in the thing you want to search for, select the item you like and tip the “add wish” button on the top. Then check or edit the destined list, the imported price, image, visibility etc. and tip “add”.
You can add a wish manually by going to your list menu (ilist), tip the plus button, tip more, tip new wish (free entry), then enter the details of your wish and tip “done” at the end.

How can I edit my wishes?

Open the item (wish) you would like to edit and tip the “edit” button (iedit) in the top right corner.

What can be edited in my wishes?

You can edit the title, image, visibility, link, price, note, tag as “bought”, “reserved” or delete a tag. To move an item to another list, tip and hold an item and drag it to the desired postition in the list.

How can I delete an item?

You can delete an entry by two ways.

Can I tag an item as reserved or bought?

You can tag items of your friends or your own as “reserved” or “bought” to avoid that other users buy these items a second time.

Can I delete a tag from an item that I marked as reserved or bought?

To delete a tag you need to go to the same menu where you added the tag (see point above).

Why does the app sometimes not recognize the right price or images etc.?

We are working on importing information automatically from as many websites as possible. However, since our resources are limited, not all websites are already fully compatible with the app. If you contact us, we will do our best to include your favorite website or shop.


How can I create a new list?

You can create new lists in your lists section (ilist). Tip here the plus button, then the “new list” button, add a title and an image, select the visibility/privacy settings and tip “done”.

How can I move items within the list?

Tip and hold an item and drag it to the desired postition in the list.

How can I move items from one list to another?

Go to the list with the item you would like to move, tip the more button (imore), select the item(s) you would like to move, tip the more button (imore), tip “move to”, select the list you would like to move things to and tip “done”.

How can I rename a list, exchange images or change privacy settings etc.?

Go to the list that you would like to edit, tip the edit button (iedit), edit the desired elements as the title, image, privacy, wishes etc. and tip “done”.


How can I add friends to my contacts?

You are automatically connected to people who you have in your contact list (mobile number or email address). However, you can add more people by going to the contacts menu (ifrnd), tip the plus button, search friends by name, select the friend you would like to add and tip “add”.

What are my options regarding privacy settings of my lists and wishes?

You can edit the privacy setting of a whole list or a single entry in the edit menu (iedit). Here you can choose whether an item or list should be only visible to you (private), to your friends (visible to contacts) or to anybody (public).

How can I share a list or a wish with somebody who does not have the app?

Go to the list or the wish that you would like to share, tip the more button at the top (imore) and select the resource you would like to share the link with. The visibility settings of wishes or lists that you want to share must be “public”.

Go to the item (wish), tip the more button (imore) next to the link, tip “share link” and select a resource for sharing the link (for example WhatsApp or SMS), select the friend you want to share the wish with and confirm.

How can I invite a friend to Wish Explorer?

Go to your contacts (ifrnd), tip “invite friends”, select the resource that you would like to use for the invitation (for example WhatsApp or SMS), select the friend you want to invite and confirm the invitation.

Why can’t I see any wishes of some of my friends or vice versa?

One explanation could be that the person has no (public) entries. Another explanation could be that you are not in the persons’ contact list with a mobile number or email known to the app. This is often the case when the app is installed on a tablet. To be able to see the list of your friend, you should ask him/her to add you to his/her contact list.


How can I register?

To create a Wish Explorer account, the only thing you need to do is to register with an account (numerical ID) from a safe service such as Google. Services such as Google established elaborate procedures to ensure a safe and convenient access for users.

How can I make changes to my account?

Enter the slide-out sidebar menu either by sliding left or tipping the sidebarmenu button. Then you can either tip on your image or go to the settings menu (isett) and tip on “profile”. Here you can change your nickname or photo.

How can I delete my account?

To delete your account, you need to contact us at

How can I get in contact with you?

In app you have the option to contact us at

In case you haven’t found the answer for your question please feel free to contact us. We will be happy to help you.